Phones are getting smarter but so are the accessories. From bluetooth speakers to wireless chargers, today’s smartphone generation wants it all easy, stylish and plush. Turn Turtle brings just about that for this tech savvy young generation.

Turn Turtle is a thin mobile accessory that attaches to the back of your phone, allowing you to go hands-free and carry out all your tasks smoothly. It’s a one of a kind mobile accessory that functions as a kickstand or a phone stand and its’ adhesive lets you stick your phone to nearly any flat surface acting as a phone sticker. You can stick it to any flat surface be it wood, brick, wall, mirror, glasses, car dashes and many more, making it a one of a kind product in itself.

Seriously, where else would you find a product that could be so handy ?

But that’s not all that makes it special. What’s more to it is, its multi-purpose usage and reusable quality, lasting up to a 1000 sticks, thus making it extremely cost effective. You can use it as a phone stand replacing your tripods, to shoot or watch videos, take selfies, or make reels, or mount it on the kitchen wall while cooking to watch recipes. You can also place it on the dashboard of your car and use it as a phone stand for hassle free navigation. and many other things.

Turn Turtle aims at providing a comfortable and cost efficient mobile accessory that liberates the user from the strain of continuously managing their phones. It helps you in multitasking & gives you a hands free experience to make your activities more productive. This is why we say that it’s not your ordinary mobile accessory.

Another best part about it is that it finds itself convenient for all age groups, even the internet friendly young crowd. Use it as a phone stand to watch movies, make videos and more. It's a perfectly apt mobile accessory for the working population who needs it to drive or carry out their zoom meetings peacefully.

Use it as a mobile holder or a phone sticker, Turn Turtle acts as a 2 in 1 mobile accessory. Don’t Believe us? Stick it to Believe it!

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