How long will my Turn Turtle last?  How many times can it 'stick' ?
Turn Turtle synthetic setae adhesive lasts for 1000s of sticks!
When properly cared for, Turn Turtle will last the average person about a year or longer!
When Turn Turtle starts to use its stick, you can simply clean it with an alcohol pad or soap and water. 
Does Turn Turtle work with my phone's wireless charging?
In general, Turn Turtle does not interfere with wireless charging!
However, if you have a very thick case, you may experience issues.
The power of your wireless charger may also play a factor as some charges allow more distance than others.
Will Turn Turtle damage my painted wall?
Although Turn Turtles adhere to painted walls, we DO NOT suggest you do so. 
If the Turn Turtle isn't removed correctly (gentle twist), it could remove the paint.
Please advise, we are not responsible for damages to your painted wall or cell phone.