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Desktop Organizer - Set of 4

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Keep your desktop organized with our set of 4 desktop organizers. This set includes 2 A4 trays to hold documents, 1 A6 tray for small items, and 1 pen stand for storing pens and other writing utensils. Durable construction ensures that these organizers are built to last, giving you a long-term organizational solution, keeping your space neat and tidy.

Product Features: Multiple Compartments: Desktop organizers typically have various compartments, slots, or trays to help you sort and store different items like pens, pencils, paperclips, sticky notes, and more.

Dividers: Compartments have dividers, allowing you to customize the size of each section to fit your specific needs and the size of your office supplies.

Pen/Pencil Holder: A dedicated pen or pencil holder is a common feature in desktop organizers, ensuring your writing tools are always at hand.

Drawer: Our pen stand come with one drawer, providing additional storage space for smaller items you want to keep within easy reach.

Non-Slip Base: Our organizers have a non-slip base to prevent sliding and keep them stable on your desk.

Material: ABS

Content: 2 A4 Trays, 1 A6 Tray, 1 Pen Stand with Drawer

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