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The Turn Turtle

360° Rotating Stapler

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Our 360° Rotating Stapler is perfect for any desktop setup. Its unique construction allows you to quickly stapling documents at any angle. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use with minimized risk of fatigue during extended use.

Product Features:

Versatile stapling: The rotating feature allows the stapler to be used in various orientations, making it easier to staple documents at different angles or positions. This could be particularly useful for stapling booklets, pamphlets, or materials with irregular shapes.

Comfort and ease of use: The rotating mechanism could enhance user comfort by allowing them to position the stapler in a way that aligns with their hand's natural movement, reducing strain and fatigue during stapling tasks.

Two Stapling Style: Comes with two different staples, one - open staple for temporary pinning and narrow stapler for permanent binding.

Reduced jamming: The rotation might help prevent staple jams by allowing the stapler to adjust to the optimal angle for stapling without exerting too much pressure on the stapling mechanism.

Multiple sheet orientations: A rotating stapler could accommodate stapling on the top, bottom, or sides of documents, which could be handy when organizing papers or affixing sheets, up to 25 sheets

Enhanced stapling precision: The ability to adjust the stapler's position precisely could lead to more accurate stapling, preventing misaligned or skewed staples.

Space-saving design: A rotating stapler might be designed to fold or collapse in certain positions, making it more compact for storage.

Materia: ABS, Stainless Steel

Base: Anti-slip, strong grip

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