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Cable Twister - Organizer

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Cable Twister - Organizer is the perfect solution for keeping cables neat and organized. It's designed with a unique twist-and-lock feature that holds cables securely, preventing them from becoming tangled. Its small size makes it easy to store in any workspace, purse, hand bag, laptop bag and any ensuring your cables stay neat and tangle-free.

Product Features:

Tangle-Free Cable Management:  Cable Twister helps prevent cables and cords from tangling, which not only looks messy but can also cause damage to the cables over time.

Rotating Design: Our Cable Twister have a rotating design that allows easy access to individual cables without having to untangle the entire bunch.

Flexibility: Flexible and adjustable, Cable Twister helps accommodate various cable sizes and shapes, including charging cables, USB cords, earphone wires, HDMI cables, and more.

Cable Protection: Helps prevent excessive bending and strain on cables, extending their lifespan and reducing the risk of damage.

Space-Saving: By organizing and managing cables effectively, these organizers help declutter and create a cleaner, more organized workspace or living area.

Versatility: They can be used in various settings, such as offices, homes, entertainment centers, or even in the car to manage charging cables and audio cords.

Travel-Friendly: Portable and compact designs makes our Cable Twister travel-friendly, enabling users to keep their cables organized on the go.

Material: ABS

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