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The Turn Turtle

Squishy Stress Buster

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The Squishy Stress Buster offers a therapeutic solution to relieve anxiety and tension. Its soft, squishable design allows it to fit comfortably in your hand and provides a soothing sensation that can help reduce stress levels. It's the perfect companion for anyone looking for an effective way to relax.

Product Features:

Squeezable and Soft: Squishy Stress Buster
is made of a soft and pliable material,
that allows you to squeeze them easily.

Portable: Small and compact, making them
easy to carry in your pocket or bag.

Stress-Relieving Effects: Helps release
tension and reduce stress. It can also
serve as a physical outlet for nervous
energy or frustration.

Hand Strengthening: Can also help in hand
and grip strengthening.

Non-Toxic Materials: Made from non-toxic
materials to ensure safety during use.

Washable: Washable & Reusable, which can
be useful if you want to keep them clean
and free from dirt and sweat.

Material: PU

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