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Vacuum Lid Container - 300ml

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This Vacuum Lid Container is designed to keep food fresher for longer. The vacuum lid seals tight to keep air out, while still allowing for an easy opening. This high-quality container will help preserve the flavor and nutrients of your food.

Product Features:

Airtight Seal: This prevents air and oxygen from entering the container, helping to preserve the freshness of the stored food.

Vacuum Valve: With a built-in vacuum manual valve, it sucks out the air from the container, creating the vacuum seal.

Stackable Design: The containers can be neatly stacked saving valuable space.

Food-Safe Materials: Made from BPA-free and food-grade materials which won't leach harmful chemicals into your food.

Food Preservation: Vacuum feature helps extend the shelf life of various food items

Material: BPA-Free & Food Grade ABS

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